Hank Greenway (1926 – 2021), previously an active participant in ISPA, passed away in February 2021, Perth, Australia. Hank made substantial research contributions on the physiology of plant tolerance of anoxia, soil waterlogging and salinity, including critical reviews.

Hank Greenway (centre) with Hirokazu Takahashi (right) and Tim Colmer (left). Associate Professor Takahashi visited UWA during his PhD to conduct experiments on anoxia tolerance of rice seedlings (Takahashi et al. 2014 Annals of Botany 113, 851-859). Hank enjoyed international collaborations.

Hank promoted the importance of scientific collaboration and the role that scientific societies can play in the advancement of a discipline. Hank was active for many years in ISPA and even more so in the Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS). Hank promoted the importance of multidisciplinary research and he enjoyed many international collaborations. Hank’s contributions to Plant Physiology were recognised by his peers by Life Membership of ASPS and a summary of Hank’s life and contributions are at https://www.asps.org.au/archives/6787

In addition to research, Hank displayed enormous enthusiasm for teaching and PhD student supervision. Hank treasured the opportunity to discuss ideas with research students. Hank adopted, and vigorously promoted, the philosophy of his own PhD supervisor Sir Rutherford (Bob) Robertson, that “you guide a PhD student to Rome and they end up in Stockholm, and isn’t Stockholm beautiful”. Hank empowered research students to develop and test their ideas.

Discussions with Hank frequently stimulated lateral thinking and new ideas. Hank made a positive difference to many plant scientists over many decades. Vale Hank Greenway!