ISPA has a great track record of organizing special issues of high-impact journals follow each conference. The conferences are held every three years and all delegates are invited to submit a paper via the journal website. However, all submissions go through normal peer-review and thus there is no guarantee that the manuscript eventually will be accepted for publication.

Due to copyright issues, we are unable to provide access to the vast number of publications authored by the ISPA members. However, we suggest to use a combination of the following search terms in case you are intersted in our exciting field of research:

adventitious roots; aeration; aerenchyma; air films; ADH; alcohol dehydrogenase; anaerobic metabolism; anaerobiosis; anoxia; anoxic; Arabidopsis; barrier to ROL; contact angle; convective flow; deepwater rice; flood tolerance; flooding; gas films; hyponastic response; hypoxia; hypoxic; internal aeration; International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis; ISPA; LGF1; N-end rule; N-degron pathways; Oryza; radial oxygen loss; RAP2.12; rice; ROL; Rumex; shoot elongation; SNORKEL1SUB1A; submergence; superhydrophobic leaves; underwater photosynthesis; underwater respiration;