International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis (ISPA)

The International Society For Plant Anaerobiosis was founded in 1985 - however, the first international meeting of scientists involved in plant aeration dates back to 1975.

The objective of the Society is to integrate the activities of the international research community concerned to understand responses of plants to impeded aeration brought about by a wide variety of means including waterlogging of soil, submergence, space flight, natural tissue impedance, storage conditions and packaging of produce. This objective will be accomplished by means agreed by an Executive Committee that shall include:

  • The organization of a periodic International Conference, ideally every three years
  • The organization of sessions devoted to plant aeration and related topics at other major international conferences (e.g. International Botanical Congresses)
  • Supporting and encouraging regional meetings and workshops, and publication of papers in refereed journals, books or other media that are generated by the conferences and meetings it arranges
  • Maintaining a web site devoted to matters relevant to the Society
  • Promote the involvement of early-career scientists in the activities of the Society
President: Prof Julia Bailey-Serres (e-mail serres at
Immediate past president: L.A.C.J. Voesenek
Executive secretary: Dr Rashmi Sasidharan
Treasurer: Prof Angelika Mustroph
Membership director: Dr Beatrice Giuntoli (e-mail beatrice.giuntoli at
International Conference director: Prof Angelika Mustroph
Webmaster: Dr Ole Pedersen

International adviser Europe: Prof Joost van Dongen
International adviser Central and East Asia: Prof Mikio Nakazono
International adviser Africa: Dr Abdel Ismail
International adviser North America: Prof Robert Hill
International adviser South America: Dr Gustavo Striker
International adviser Australia: Prof Sergey Shabala