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Publications of the International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis (ISPA)

For ISI-indexed peer-reviewed articles, we suggest that you use Web of Science. Useful keywords for your search are for example: anaerobiosis, internal aeration, underwater photosynthesis, submergence tolerance, ROL, SUB1, SNORKEL1, anoxia, hypoxia, excape response, quiescence response, elongation, ehtylene, expansins et cetera.

A list of selected papers on plant anaerobiosis authored by ISPA members is found below


Plant Physiology special issue on "Flooding tolerance of Brassicaceae".

AOB PLants
special issue on "Plant responses to low-oxygen environments".


Plant Cell & Environment special issue on "Flooding and Anaerobiosis"

Frontiers in PLANT SCIENCE
special issue on "Plant responses to flooding".


New Phytologist special issue published after the ISPA Conference in Italy 2010.


Annals of Botany special issue published after the ISPA Conference in Japan 2007.


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